Where has Adam taken Johnny?

Devastated by the news that he’s not Johnny’s father, Adam has taken the baby… Not to hurt him. Adam could never do that, he loves the boy. That’s the problem. The thought of not having Johnny in his life is breaking Adam’s heart and he can’t bear to be separated from him. While Vanessa worries about what Adam will do, Victoria tries to talk sense into him. But Adam’s too emotional to think straight. All he can think about is hanging on to Johnny…

Zak wasn’t thinking straight when he got involved with Joanie – and now look at the mess he’s in. He thinks paying for Belle to have driving lessons might show her he cares about her – but it’s how he cares about Joanie that upsets Belle.

Having shocked Harriet by dumping her right after he said “yes” to her very public proposal of marriage, Ashley thinks it’s about time he explained why he did what he did. He tells Harriet he finished with her because of his dementia and the pair share a hug.