Where has Katie disappeared to?

It’s still Robert and Chrissie’s wedding day, but the guests are getting restless as they continue to wait for the groom to show up and there are mumblings among the congregation that he’s done a runner. Will Chrissie end the day as a jilted bride? Much later, Andy still doesn’t know where Katie’s got to, but is given a clue when Sam reveals that he saw her heading towards Wylie’s Farm. Worried, Andy heads to the farm in search of his wife. What will he find when he gets there?

Pete’s revealed how he saw Emma attempting to smother Ross with a pillow when he was a toddler, so Ross decides to confront his mum. Emma can’t deny it, but attempts to give an explanation…

Tracy jokingly suggests that she and Sam should get married but feels let down when he says no. And how will Georgia react when Rodney tells her that they should call time on their relationship?