Where is Blessing?

Dennis decides to go to Amsterdam after receiving a message about Blessing’s whereabouts. However, she’s not in Amsterdam, so where is she? Blessing is shocked when she finds Trevor’s diamonds in her love-heart cushion and takes them to a jeweller, but she’s arrested!

Meanwhile, after finding out that Freddie killed Fraser, Grace wants the ultimate revenge, so ties Freddie up at The Loft. When Lindsey arrives, she’s heartbroken to hear Freddie is a murderer.

Trevor and Esther turn up at The Loft and Esther tells Grace she’s not going through with the surrogacy if she carries on like this. Trevor and Grace beg Esther to reconsider and Trevor thinks Esther just wants more money, so threatens Freddie to get it for him.

Elsewhere, Joe tells Ziggy and Robbie about his plans to leave with Lindsey, but Lindsey has a new plan to be free from Freddie and decides to turn him into the police, but she goes into labour…

Also, Sienna and Patrick cover their tracks – but who will suffer the consequences?