The youngest Wylde child Will meets big half-brother Ryan in the cafe and tells him that no matter what Natasha and Maisie say, he thinks Nathan did kill their father and that’s why he went to London – to run away from his crime. Ryan is stunned. Is Nathan really capable of murder?

The police still think nasty Nathan is guilty but, without concrete evidence, they have to release him without charge. Back at Home Farm, Nathan turns on Natasha… He learned quite a bit from the police, including the fact that Mark’s death was no accident, as Natasha has led him to believe for all these months. Nathan knows it was murder. And that’s his cue to resort to more blackmail: if Natasha doesn’t get the police off Nathan’s back, he’ll tell them exactly who killed Mark.

If only dirty, flirty Eve had someone to blackmail. That would help her get hold of some money and get the debt collectors off her back. Instead, as Edna points out, she has to get a job. She does, too – in a lap-dancing club. That’s not at all what Edna had in mind, but the news brings a smile to Carl’s face…

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