*First episode*

Eileen has another sleepless night looking after baby Holly and decides it’s time that Jason took on more of his fatherly responsibilities. Jason protests when Eileen dumps Holly on him for the day and Jason is forced to take Holly on site! Jodie is less than impressed to see Jason trying to get on with the building work while Holly sleeps in her pram and he’s also forced to cancel a lunch date with Sarah. An exhausted Jason falls asleep in the chair when he returns home and he’s horrified to wake and find Holly has disappeared…

Steve tries to sneak out of the Barlows’ after his night of passion with Tracy but he’s caught red-handed by Blanche. Both Deirdre and Liz are worried for their offspring and Steve starts to regret his moment of weakness, telling Tracy that it was a one-off. But he rethinks his decision when he realises that Michelle is jealous after hearing the news and he makes out to Michelle that he and Tracy have restarted their relationship.

Fiz and Cilla have drawn the battle lines in their bid to win over Chesney. When Fiz discovers Chesney scoffing chips just as she’s about to give him his tea, she realises that she’ll have to up her game to keep him.

Also, Paul tells Liam to keep his hands off the workforce; Rita has a stinking hangover after a night on the tiles with Doreen.

*Second episode – 8.30pm*

Jason is absolutely frantic to wake from his nap and find Holly gone and the backdoor open. Panicked, he tells Gail and Sarah that someone has kidnapped his daughter and they urge him to call the police. Eileen enters in the middle of the chaos pushing Holly’s pram and reveals that she had taken Holly for a walk. Jason is left frazzled after the incident and he confides in Violet that part of him felt relieved when he realised Holly had disappeared. At his limit, Jason makes an anonymous phone call to social services and says that Holly is being neglected.

Steve is secretly pleased that Michelle seems genuinely miffed about his night with Tracy and he decides to stoke up her jealousy. Steve organises a date with Tracy, while Michelle has plans to go out with Sonny, and they try to get one over on each other about their respective partners.

Chesney sneaks round to the Battersbys’ again for some more treats and he’s allowed to watch the telly and eat pizza. Fiz turns up at the house looking for him and a guilty Chesney hides behind the sofa. Cilla tells Les that she wants Chesney home for good but he warns her not to push him.

Also, Carla is unamused by Paul’s lack of interest in her business venture.