Where’s Kate woken up?

Kate wakes up in Rhys’s bed. She’s fuzzy-headed enough but to make matters worse… she can’t even remember his name! He puts his number into her mobile and heads to work. She has a coffee with a giggling Jade, and panics when her phone rings – it’s him!

Kate feels bad for using Rhys to get over Mark, but Jade tells her not to stress about it. She’s just letting off steam after her heartache, and after all, Rhys is hot and a doctor. Kate embarrasses herself when Rhys comes to the coffee shop, but a phone call from Kyle cheers her up. Kate begs Jade not to tell Kyle about her indiscretion and Jade realises she has ammunition…

Susan dodges Karl’s questions about when she can take leave for their Peru trip. She keeps using Paul as an excuse, but really her priority is Jim. Jim asks Susan what she would do if she only had a short time to live, and it gets her thinking. She realises how lonely Jim is and encourages him to reconnect with his family. Jim worries she’s neglecting her own family for him. Karl has it out with Paul and discovers Susan’s been lying.