The day of Tony and Rachel’s wedding arrives, but the bride has disappeared and seems to have taken a suitcase with her. After a police search fails to find her, Tony wonders if Rachel’s psychiatric patient, Jimmy, has anything to do with it.

Tony is distressed when Jimmy reveals he saw Rachel loading a bag into the car, and feels even worse when Martha and Leah find emails in Rachel’s inbox from Hugh saying he wants to see her. When Rachel fails to show for the ceremony, Tony is left with no choice but to call the wedding off.

Roman gets a nasty shock when he arrives home to find Elliot waiting for him. Elliot wants to know the truth about what happened to his brother, Mark. Roman tells Elliot that Mark wasn’t the big hero that Elliot thought he was and Mark actually surrendered to the enemy under the intense pressures of war.

But it’s not what Elliot wants to hear and he accuses Roman of lying before lunging at Roman. After a tussle, Roman manages to get him out the door.

Also, Martha worries for the health of her unborn baby and she and Jack go to hospital.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday October 10*

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