Fortysomething couple Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts stop acting their age after they befriend young hipster couple Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried.

Stiller’s documentary filmmaker believes he’s found an eager protégé in Driver’s wannabe director, but the reality turns out to be somewhat different. Soon, Watts is getting jiggy at hip-hop dance classes and Stiller’s trying to look cool in a pork-pie hat. Embarrassment duly follows as they fall flat on their faces.

The four stars deliver pitch-perfect performances, while writer-director Noel Baumbach pokes satirical fun at both the younger duo’s retro-chic posing and the older couple’s foolishness.

He also stages some knockout farcical episodes – watch out especially for the after-effects of the nausea-inducing hallucinogenic drink everyone imbibes at a comically ridiculous shamanic ceremony.