Whitney and Janine pull off a scam

Janine and Whitney dress up in disguise and go to the club with Gary and David. Janine ups and leaves when Gary gets a bit too frisky. Gary follows Janine and pins her up against a wall, intent on getting what he thinks he’s paid for. Janine screams and Ricky comes to her rescue. Meanwhile, Whitney snatches David’s wallet and runs back to the flat. Janine is horrified when Whitney reveals what she’s done as a furious David bangs on the door.

Afia’s dad Yusuf is back from his trip. Afia chickens out of telling him about her engagement to Tamwar. Afia has dinner with Zainab and a reluctant Masood at the restaurant. Zainab is agitated when Afia talks about Yusuf and snaps at useless waiter Darren then fires him for bringing the wrong dish. Masood takes Afia aside and makes her feel guilty about Zainab and asks her to break up with Tamwar.

Max and Vanessa bump into Michael on the way home from the Argee Bhajee. Michael tells Vanessa that Max offered a kiss from her as his wager at the darts match. Max warns Michael off. Vanessa gives Michael a lingering kiss and tells Max not to underestimate her. A furious Max later finds Michael and punches him in the face.