Bianca advises Whitney to fight for Tyler when she reveals she still wants to be with him. In the Vic, Tyler flies at Joey when he walks in and Alfie and Carl have to separate them. After a heart-to-heart with Tyler, Whitney realises that he can’t accept her past and they sadly agree it’s better they end things. Bianca later finds Whitney packing a bag, planning on leaving Walford.

Kat makes out she’s not bothered by Alfie and Roxy’s engagement bash. Arriving at the party dressed up to the nines, Kat flirts with Carl, glancing at Alfie to check he’s watching. When Alfie warns Kat off Carl, she asks him if he’s jealous. Kat’s hurt when Alfie accuses her of throwing herself at the nearest man as always. Watching Alfie present Roxy with an engagement ring, a bitter Kat leaves the pub.

Lucy is thrown on her first day at Butcher’s Joints to realise that Janine isn’t interested in her business ideas, asking her to get on with the office admin. Humiliated when Janine sends her to get coffee for a smug Ian, Lucy hits out at being given menial jobs. Impressed by a feisty Lucy, Janine tasks her with overseeing Joey’s stock-take at the club.