Whitney Carter packs her bags to leave Albert Square!

Whitney Carter agrees to go to Spain with her fiance Woody when he’s offered a job managing a bar in the sunshine and asks her to go with him.

Whitney and Woody prepare to leave for Spain and the Carters plan on throwing them a party. Their plans are derailed, however, when Whitney and Woody have a huge falling out! Mick and Linda give the couple a bit of relationship counselling and they are soon back on track. After a fun Spanish-themed party, Whitney donates all her unused wedding gifts to Mick and Linda before she leaves, to help with their bid to raise money to save the Vic. Is it really the last we’ll see of Whitney?

Carmel prepares a romantic lunch for her and Max and is left disappointed when he cancels. Hurt by his actions, Carmel asks Max how he really feels about her. When Max reassures her that he wants to be with her, Carmel feels more hopeful. But then she drops a bombshell on Max and suggests they move in together! What will he say?

Phil bumps into Aidan again and asks him why he was meeting up with Vincent. When Aidan explains that he needs some help with a ‘job’, Phil feels put out that Aidan didn’t’ think to ask him first.