Whitney and Tyler help Pat when she has a funny turn in the Square. Pat notices a spark between them. Whitney asks Lauren’s advice about ditching Fat Boy for Tyler. Lauren confesses that she and Tyler slept together at the party. Whitney furiously confronts a smug Tyler. Fat Boy takes her home, not realising what she’s upset about. Whitney tells Fat Boy that men always lie to her. Fat Boy promises her he’s different and they kiss passionately.

Syed meets with Amira and Yasmin again. Amira pretends Yasmin’s swallowed her ring in the hope that Syed will take them to the flat, but Syed insists on going to the hospital. Meanwhile, Ben tells Christian after seeing Syed and Amira together. When Syed returns Christian questions him about Ben’s allegation. Christian believes Syed when he says Ben is mistaken, but is later shocked when he sees a picture of Syed and Yasmin in the park that Amira sends to Syed’s phone.

Billy and Lola are completely skint. Lola spots a delivery of a box of towels outside the beauty salon and steals them then flogs them at the market. Roxy catches Lola selling the stolen towels, but Lola manages to talk her round and cheekily persuades Roxy to give her a job at the salon.