Whitney Dean is back – with shock news!

Whitney Dean returns to the Vic and she has something to tell Mick...

The Carters are struggling to get their heads round the new regime at The Vic following all the changes made by Fi. But they are all shocked when Whitney Dean walks back into the pub! Mick is stunned, while Shirley finds it difficult to hide her displeasure. When Johnny insists that Whitney move back in with them, she feels awkward, but when Mick is encouraging she agrees. Shirley is fuming as Mick offers Whitney her job back, but there’s nothing she can do about it.

Whitney goes upstairs with Mick to tell him her news… She is engaged! But to who?

Steven can’t get out of it when Lauren insists on going to the hospital with him. A smug Abi agrees to look after Louie while they’re out. At the hospital, Steven tries to buy some time and he calls Abi to help him out.

Bernadette comes up with a plan when she realises the family won’t be able to buy her posh baby things. Karen is fuming, but when Bernadette explains her reasoning, Karen softens.

Also, Max takes Carmel for a drink in The Vic.