Whitney discovers a shocking secret

Debra tells Whitney that the man is called Ryan and he’s dangerous. A confused Whitney points out that Ryan was a hero during the cafe fire. Debra and Ryan have a furious row and Whitney is stunned when Ryan blurts out that Debra is his mum – and Whitney’s brother! Debra tells Whitney the bag she got from the derelict school contains a knife that Ryan used in an assault. Ryan claims that the knife was used in self-defence and tells a confused Whitney not to trust Debra.

Stacey is bleeding from a cut on her head and Max takes her to Accident and Emergency. A guilty Max apologises to Stacey for the pain he’s caused her in the past, but Stacey stares blankly at him. Jean wants Stacey to see a doctor and tells a nurse that she has bi-polar disorder and she thinks Stacey may have it, too.

Stacey is questioned by a psychiatrist and confesses she’s scared that she may be bi-polar like her mum. The doctor advises Stacey to be admitted for a few nights so that they can start her on a drug regime, but Stacey is resistant. Meanwhile, a suspicious Lauren and Abi ask Max and Tanya if they’re back together.

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