Whitney gets a voicemail from Tony pleading with her to return his calls. In his cell, Tony reads a text from Whitney and smiles. Whitney is horrified when she discovers that Tiff has accidentally broken her mobile phone from Tony. Whitney shouts at Tiff and makes her cry. Ricky furiously confronts Whitney and devastates her when tells her he’s Tiff’s father, not Whitney’s late father Nathan.

Bradley is back in Walford with Syd and Noah after hearing about his mum’s car accident. Max has forged Rachel’s signature on the cheque she gave him and he lies to Bradley that Rachel is not up to having visitors. Meanwhile, Jean visits Stacey in the psychiatric unit and begs her to come home, but Stacey insists she has nothing to come home for. Jean returns to the Square and gets an idea when she sees Bradley…

Ian signs up with an internet dating agency. Janine flirts with Ian and Archie is disapproving when he catches her and questions Janine’s loyalties. Ian arranges a date with a woman called Fiona and meets her in the Vic, but she storms out when he asks her to pay for their champagne. Janine finishes up Ian’s champagne. Archie sees Janine with Ryan and questions their relationship.

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