Whitney lets Max into the house when he drops round with a birthday present for Bianca and she asks him to help her make Bianca a birthday cake. Stacey is stalking Max and she tells Bianca that Max is spending time with Whitney. Bianca angrily confronts Whitney, who is devastated that she thinks they may be having an affair. Whitney plots to run away, but she’s stopped in her tracks by mum Debra, who bursts into the house claiming that someone is after her…

Stacey confronts Max about his ‘relationship’ with Whitney and Max is dismissive. Stacey watches Max going to Tanya’s to pick up the kids for school. Max is alarmed when Stacey tells him she knows about him and Tanya. Max denies her accusation and later an obsessive Stacey pulls out a notepad to consult her list of women that Max could be seeing.

Christian confronts Syed about his engagement and insists that marrying Amira will not change who he is ,but Syed is defiant. Zainab forces Christian to attend a meeting about the wedding as she wants him to help plan it. Christian is in a foul mood and Syed worries that he’s going to tell everyone about their liaison, but Christian feels sorry for Amira and keeps the secret to himself. Later, Syed finds Christian in tears at the Masala unit.

Also, Tiff wins the talent contest with a version of The Prodigy’s Firestarter!

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