Whitney has it out with Carol

Ricky and Whitney visit Bianca in prison. Whitney can’t deal with it and walks out. Back at home Whitney learns that Carol is moving into the Butchers’ permanently. Whitney sneaks out of the house to visit Connor but has second thoughts. Carol visits Connor. Kendra, Connor’s mum, turns up and Carol is forced to leave. Back in Albert Square, Carol and Whitney row and Whitney decides to move out.

Abi gets sent a clip of Ben being bullied. Abi is worried when Ben says he’s not telling anyone, as he doesn’t want to be labelled a grass. Ian finds out that Ben is being bullied. Ben starts to open up, but Phil interrupts and wants to know why Ben didn’t come to him first. Ben gets upset. Shirley chastises Phil for not letting Ian talk to Ben. A put-upon Phil visits Glenda to cheer himself up.

Tanya and Greg are all set to move into Roxy’s old house, but Roxy hasn’t moved out yet; Lauren accidentally puts the removal van in reverse and scares Roxy’s dog Albert, who does a runner. Roxy’s day is going from bad to worse. Roxy gets drunk and tells Christian and Syed she’ll be a surrogate for them!

Also, Janine returns to Albert Square.