Whitney tries to remain positive, still shaken by Tony’s death. When Tyler takes her for a meal at Scarlett’s, Whitney plucks up the courage to talk to him about Tony. Uncomfortable with the conversation, Tyler calls Whitney ‘messed up’, making her furious. Whitney takes off her engagement ring and storms over to the club. Finding Joey at the bar, Whitney flirts with him, pulling him in for a kiss. Although at first unsure, Joey doesn’t resist.

Michael takes Scarlett back to Janine after babysitting her for a few hours. Finding Danny there, Michael battles him to spend the evening with Janine. Michael wins when he guilt-trips Janine into meeting the other mums at the playgroup with him. Delayed by Kat, who is still upset by Alfie’s engagement, Michael turns up late to find Janine organising a play date with one of the mums without his help.

Peter is having a hard time of it running the chip shop on his own and manages to convince Lucy to help him out. Enjoying spending time with each other, the brother and sister’s fun comes to an abrupt halt when Ian arrives. When Ian makes a snide remark, Lucy storms out. Peter warns Ian that if he’s not careful he’ll lose Lucy for good.