Mick and Linda demand to know what’s going on after walking in on Nancy and Whitney’s fight. Nancy insists that Whitney is causing trouble, prompting Mick to stick up for Whitney. In the car, Whitney opens up to Mick. After asking him if it’s possible to love two people, Whitney moves in for a kiss! A stunned Mick backs off.

Shabnam is determined to find a mother and baby unit for Stacey and Arthur. When Martin asks Kush to look after Arthur for the morning, Shabnam is left with mixed emotions. Struggling to look after the baby, Kush turns to Sonia for help, soon getting the hang of things. When Shabnam and Martin return, they reveal that another hospital has agreed to call as soon as a room is available.

Bobby is upset on the day he’s due to leave for boarding school. Driving him to the school, Jane is surprised to learn that Ian has agreed to sponsor a new building. After a difficult goodbye, Ian and Jane return home. Ian is forced to admit he bribed the school into taking Bobby by offering to sponsor the building – but he’s selling Beales to pay for it!