Whitney makes a move on Max!

Whitney gets a text from Rob asking if she’s OK. Whitney doesn’t realise that Rob has pictures of her on his phone that he’s been showing his mates. What’s he up to? Meanwhile, Max employs Whitney to cover the phones for the car business. After work Max opens a bottle of wine. Whitney gets the wrong impression and moves in for a kiss. Lauren walks in on them and furiously drags Whitney away from her dad.

Mo thinks Kat has spent the night with Alfie as Alfie wasn’t in when she woke up. Kat is stunned and assumes he’s got himself another woman. Alfie is at the B&B having a quiet breakfast with Yusef. Alfie heads to the Queen Vic and has another shot at winning back Kat, but she’s not having any of it.

Zainab is concerned that Yusuf is still at the B&B. Denise finds out he’ll be staying until the surgery flat is ready for him as he’s Albert Square’s new doctor. Yusuf tells Zainab that he’s not going anywhere and she’s going to have to get used to it. Masood and Tamwar return from their course. Masood realises Zainab is on edge, but she insists she’s fine.