Whitney is stunned by Lee’s confession!

When Whitney confronts Lee over his payslip, she’s left in shock in EastEnders.

Whitney has a heart-to-heart with Lauren about what’s been going on with Lee. After some thoughtful advice from her friend, Whitney returns home to talk to her husband. Confronting Lee about the payslip, Whitney is stunned when Lee breaks down, admitting he’s not been going into work because he hates it.

In a bid to make things right with her sister, Kim apologises to Denise for her recent behaviour. Still in shock over Emerald’s revelation, Denise struggles to accept Kim’s apology. Denise tells a shocked Patrick she is no longer obliged to forgive Kim, now she knows that they’re not blood sisters.

The Carters reach crisis point after Babe’s dodgy antics catch up with her when licensees Mick and Shirley are arrested along with Babe for selling alcohol out of hours. It doesn’t take long for Babe to throw Mick to the wolves, making out she felt forced to raise extra cash for the pub in any way possible.

Keegan gives Shakil some advice over the school gossip. Meanwhile, Glenda finds out that Amy’s been wetting the bed, but keeps it from Jack. And Sharon and Phil leave for their stay in Italy.