Lee is chuffed when Mick gives him a new car, although it winds up Nancy. Now that Babe’s forced her hand, Whitney confesses to Lee about kissing his dad. Horrified, Lee confronts Linda and Babe and is fuming when he realises they already knew. Humiliated, Lee tries to punch Mick and storms out to drown his sorrows. After causing trouble in The Albert, Lee is thrown out by Vincent. Meanwhile, Babe gets a package with binoculars… What’s she up to?

Abi is forced by Babe to help out at Paul’s birthday party in the Vic, but Babe has something in mind… After sneaking vodka into Abi’s drink, Babe sends Abi into the party to mingle. A drunk Abi soon finds herself in the arms of Lee and one thing leads to another!

Dot visits Stacey after hearing the news about Martin. As they have a heart-to-heart about everything that’s happened, Stacey makes a confession. Revealing she’s scared that if she gets close to Arthur her psychosis will return, Stacey is grateful to when Dot puts her fears to rest.

Also, Jane tries to change Ian’s mind about selling the restaurant. Pam asks Les to move back in, but in separate beds.