Whitney tries to kiss Ricky!

Bianca is worried when she sees Todd and he tells her that Whitney ran out on him. Bianca has a go at Ricky for encouraging Whitney as she thinks it is too soon after Whitney’s ordeal with Tony. Todd finds Whitney slumped in a doorway clutching a half-empty vodka bottle and Ricky goes to collect her. Ricky picks up a drunk and insensible Whitney and is stunned when she tries to kiss him. A shocked Ricky dodges her kiss and Whitney passes out and Ricky carries her home.

Garry has been away all night and he leaves a desperate message on the flat answer phone asking Dawn to pick up. Garry leaves a message saying sadly that all he ever wanted was for her to say she loved him.

Heather makes Shirley climb and declares she’s going to take a memento from the house. Heather is ecstatic when she finds the lid of a Greek yoghurt in the bin and they make their escape. Shirley sees George Michael driving into the driveway of the next house, but doesn’t have the heart to tell Heather. Back in Walford, Heather determines to find herself a man. Shirley secretly gets on the phone and books Heather an escort.

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