Whitney visits the prison

Tyler is stunned when Whitney says she’s applied to visit Tony, not able to understand why she wants to see her abuser. At the prison, Whitney asks to see her step-father, only to be ushered into a room. When Whitney returns, Tyler asks her if she still loves Tony, making Whitney furious. Bianca is horrified when Tyler lets slip that Whitney has seen Tony. A torn up Whitney confesses she didn’t see him as he’s committed suicide.

Janine is dismissive when Michael tries to warn her to stay away from Danny. Meeting Danny in Scarlett’s, Janine orders food that’s not on the menu to show off to Danny. When Ian gives her the bill, Janine is fuming, believing she shouldn’t have to pay. Having discovered Ian has fallen out with Lucy, Janine later finds Lucy in the Vic and offers her some advice on family relations, clearly up to something.

Dennis encourages Morgan to skive off summer club with him, stealing a catapult from Jay and Dexter. After Dennis smashes Dot’s window by accident, Sharon tells him off, believing his lie that Dexter gave him the catapult. Confronting Dexter, a furious Sharon gives him the bill for Dot’s window.