Tony ups his efforts to groom Lauren and finds an excuse to visit her by plying her with flyers for the youth club, but he makes a hasty exit when Max turns up. Meanwhile, Bianca is worried about Whitney, who is refusing to eat or come out of her room and she asks Lucas to talk to her, but Whitney can’t bring herself to confess. A frustrated Bianca snaps and kicks down Whitney’s door. Tony warns Whitney not to tell anyone about their affair or risk Bianca’s wrath.

Christian discovers that Lee slipped his business card into his pocket at
Ronnie‘s school reunion. Ronnie thinks Christian should give Lee a call and arrange a date. Christian meets up with Lee and he asks Lee for Joel’s contact details.

Patrick confides in Dot that he doesn’t want to move to Birmingham, but he can’t disappoint Yolande, as she is excited about the job. Yolande realises that Patrick doesn’t want to move and she decides to leave without him. Patrick promises Yolande that he will move to Birmingham as soon as he’s sold the house.

Also, Bradley decides to put all of Max‘s money on a horse; Max tells Peter to split up with Lauren or face the consequences.

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