Whitney’s worried when it’s clear Lauren is up to something

Whitney suspects that Lauren’s girls’ night out is more than just drinks.

*Second episode*

Lauren is all set for a night on the town with Whitney. When they arrive at a bar, however, Whitney realises that Lauren has an ulterior motive. What is Lauren up to? Angry with Lauren’s actions, Whitney gives her friend a reality check, telling Lauren to think long and hard about what she wants. Meanwhile, Steven is left on his lonesome when Max doesn’t turn up for prearranged drinks, so he visits Max instead to help with the kids.

Michelle can barely hide her delight when Preston returns to the Square. But their romantic day together is spoilt when Michelle learns some disappointing news. Stressed by the latest setback, Michelle ends up in an argument with Preston. Frustrated with Michelle, Preston storms off – and goes to find Bex…

Mick is at the end of his tether after being left alone looking after Sylvie. When he finds out that Tina has started speaking to social services about getting Sylvie a placement in a home, he is secretly relieved.