Who assaulted Charlie?

Ruby is shocked to learn that Charlie was hurt in the brawl. The police keep questioning Casey. Ruby is annoyed at the assumption that because Casey is a Braxton, he was involved. She tells Charlie that no-one ever wants to see the good in the River Boys.

Watson learns that Ruby was with Casey when the bottle hit Charlie, and asks Charlie if that’s why she’s reluctant to investigate. Charlie begins to soften towards Brax when she realises he was protecting her, not his mates.

Nicole really wants to see the baby. Roo suggests she goes to the Walkers and spends time with him. Marilyn is reluctant but warms to the idea of Nicole being around the baby. However, when George starts crying, Nicole instinctively starts breastfeeding him. Marilyn walks in and tells Nicole to leave.

Brax overhears Angelo talking to John about only signing a six-month lease and offers to co-sign for longer. Angelo feels like he’s getting squeezed out of the business – a fear which only increases when Heath and Brax take him on a suspicious pig-hunting trip. Angelo works up a sweat, scared of what the Braxton brothers have planned for him. Is this the end for Angelo..?

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