Who attacked Chris?

It’s the day of the Hen and Buck celebrations and Terese quietly confronts Naomi over her affair with Josh, leading Naomi to breaks up with him. Meanwhile, an old contact of Brennan’s reports back with some disturbing news on Nate’s background, which leads to an edgy exchange between Chris and Nate. Later, at the Waterhole, Daniel impulsively announces his and Amber’s engagement. Drowning his sorrows, Josh has a go at the happy couple before Chris sends him and Nate packing. But then an unseen assailant attacks him…

Having been kissed and slapped by his own exotic assailant, Paul chases her down. He discovers that they met when Paul was on the run in South America. Eventually, he remembers enough to know that he treated Dakota badly. To make amends, he invites her to stay at the hotel, free of charge. Paul is clearly enamoured.

Terese and Lauren declare a truce, but as the day turns to night, Lauren and Matt are stunned by Amber and Daniel’s announcement. Brad makes the mistake of mouthing off about it and all the pent-up tension Matt has been holding back explodes.