PC Lewis Hardy is devastated to learn that his girlfriend, nurse Tash Niles, has been attacked in St Hugh’s car park. From her hospital bed, Tash tells DI Sam Nixon that she fears she’s been mugged as her bag is missing – but Sam thinks it’s far too coincidental given that Tash is a key witness against Ray Moore.

Back at Sun Hill, Pc Roger Valentine reveals that he has CCTV footage showing another witness, Wayne Allsop, going through Tash’s bag in the car park, and Sam and DS Stuart Turner head round to Wayne’s house to arrest him. The officers are sure they’ve got their man until a note arrives at St Hugh’s warning Tash to keep her mouth shut, which everyone’s convinced has been sent by Ray…

Meanwhile, Lewis and Pc Diane Noble are called to pensioner Winnie Robinson’s house where a young man, Dave Spencer, has hold of her laptop. As they go to arrest him, Winnie claims to know Dave and stresses that he isn’t a burglar. Diane and Lewis soon come to the conclusion that Dave has been robbing OAPs while dealing drugs in their homes.

But when Winnie realises that Lewis is going to look in her shed for a screwdriver to fix her broken door, she panics. What could she be hiding?