Sasha is plagued with memories of the night before. When Sasha doesn’t answer her phone to Michaela, Lauren becomes suspicious. A frustrated Michaela turns up at the Valentines’ to tell Sasha all about her latest argument with Zak, and learns the truth.

Sasha confides in Michaela. Revisiting the site of the attack, Michaela and Sasha try to recover some of her belongings. As the do so, they are approached by Josh and Sasha becomes suspicious. When Dave arrives later she is confronted with a flash back from the night and he too becomes a suspect. Sasha has made her mind up. If Michaela tells anyone Sasha was attacked, Sasha will deny it.

Zak wants to accompany Hayley to the antenatal class, when Michaela exits Drive ‘n’ Buy and asks Zak if she can tag along. She is still under the impression that Zak cancelled his travels for her. Hayley discloses the real reason Zak cancelled his travel plans and announces her pregnancy. Zak catches up with Hayley only to discover she had avoided her appointment.

Also, the Ashworths are willing to let Hannah go, but Rhys can’t agree. But he finally comes to terms with the fact that his little sister has grown up.