Who attacked Tracy?

Having worked her wicked way through one street resident Tracy moves on to her next target, making it very clear what she has to offer. But this man is in no mood for her games and shoves past dismissing her. Refusing to accept his snub Tracy follows him. A row automatically ensues, but the chemistry between them is palpable. He eventually gives in to her charms, but Tracy is due her comeuppance…

With their marriage on the rocks one resident packs his bags and moves out of the family home.

As everyone on the street continues to worry about Gary, he’s persuaded to come for a drink at the Rovers to see in the New Year.

Also, as the pub staff prepare for the New Years Eve party, Claudia turns up and donates a luxury prize for the raffle. But she’s up to something.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

When Tracy’s caught post-coital, the news of her latest conquest spreads. Meanwhile, back In the Rovers the festivities are underway and Tracy wastes no time in filling the locals in on what she’s been up too. At her bitchy best Tracy continues to mouth off, insulting everyone in her way. When Steve arrives and starts an argument the others regret ever getting involved with her. As the residents see in 2011, Tracy slips back to No 1 where she answers a knock at the door. But when she is later found lying in the backyard with Steve kneeling over her, things look suspicious. As the ambulance is called Steve insists he found her in that state.

A drunken night out leads to something more serious as two of the street’s younger residents are consumed with passion.

Gary bottles out of his night in the Rovers, saying he’s unable to leave the house and then opens up about how he’s feeling.

Also, the residents look forward to a happier 2011 while Claudia flirts with the locals in the Rovers.

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