Michael is rattled when Alice arrives with blood on her hands. Reassuring Alice that he loves her, Michael tells Alice to take off her bloodied top and hide in her bedroom. Sneaking out of the house to dispose of the top, Michael is stopped by Kat, who wants him to see Tommy’s Halloween outfit, while outside he bumps into Alfie. After throwing away Alice’s top, Michael heads to Janine’s to see if she’s still alive.

Walking in through the open front door, Michael finds Janine’s kitchen in chaos with a bloody knife on the counter. Janine appears nursing a wound on her arm, triumphantly revealing she’s double bluffed him. After previously ensuring he left fingerprints on the knife, she’s now going to call the police and claim he tried to stab her. Michael is infuriated as Janine reveals Alice spilled all of his murderous plan.

When Alice appears, Michael tries to manipulate her, claiming he loves her. As Alice falls into Michael’s arms, Janine begs Alice to believe that Michael is using her. With the police on their way, Michael tries to get to Scarlett, but her room is locked. Launching himself at Janine he starts to strangle her, but is stabbed by Alice! As Alice lets in the police, Janine picks up the knife in a tea towel, secretly finishing off the injured Michael.