Who Do You Think You Are? – BBC1

Kate Winslet swaps Hollywood scripts for her family’s own story in this week's Who Do You Think You Are?

Kate Winslet has always had a sneaking suspicion that there are Scandinavian branches in her maternal family tree and in this week’s Who Do You Think You Are? she finds out once and for all whether there’s any truth behind the rumours.

In Sweden, she uncovers deeply moving stories of her poverty-stricken four-times great-grandfather Anders Jönsson and his son Johan’s grim brushes with the law.

“Mum didn’t talk about her family history much, but I remembered a rumour about a Scandinavian link and when I was younger people said we looked Scandinavian,” Kate told TV Times.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to know about.

“I visited Sweden when I was about six because my parents had friends who lived there and I remember learning to swim in a lake.

“And now I’ve discovered ancestors who were 100 per cent Swedish – it’s brilliant!”

Meanwhile, back in Blighty, she looks into her dad Roger’s heritage and is shocked to learn that her three-times great-grandfather William Colquhoun was a drummer in the Grenadier Guards at just 11.

“I wondered whether having that job was even allowed at that age,” says Kate.

“But I loved that he was making something of his life through hard work, diligence, commitment and his musical talent – I can barely play a recorder!”

On that note, it must be said that Kate’s own joyfully enthusiastic attempt at drumming is wonderful to watch!

But there are even more surprises in store for Kate when she finds out about William’s later and more sobering career.

TV Times rating: ****