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Paralympian Jonnie Peacock takes a look at his family tree to trace the story of his maternal grandfather, whose potential as a footballer was cut short

The nation took Jonnie Peacock to its heart 
after his sprinting triumph at the 2012 Paralympics and his Strictly appearance.

But this look at his family tree gives an insight into what makes Jonnie tick.

The origins of his talent become clear as he learns about his late maternal grandfather, Johnnie, whose football career was cut short.

“I love football and looked at doing disabled football myself,” explains Jonnie.

“He had a lot of talent and potential and scored so many goals and broke records.”

“I feel proud and he passed down a few good genes!”

Who Do You Think You Are? BBC1

Jonnie’s grandfather was a promising footballer, and was scouted by Leeds United

Jonnie’s grandfather was scouted by Leeds United, but his father, Edward, made him become a decorator.

“It was sad he never got a proper chance. But then I found out how Edward’s siblings had died because they didn’t have enough food, so it made sense,” says Jonnie.

He also discovers his great-great-grandfather was killed by anthrax.

But he’s most affected by the story of his paternal four-times great-grandmother.

She took two men to court in a bid to provide for her children and stand up for her rights.

TV Times rating: ****