Since new Director of Surgery Henrik Hanssen made the gloomy announcement that he’ll be cutting jobs at the hospital, the team at Holby City have been waiting on tenterhooks to see who will be first in the firing line. Young nurse Elizabeth is the most worried – sensing that it’ll be a case of ‘last in, first out’ when it comes to the cuts.

When Henrik starts to ask Elizabeth questions about her career, she fears that she’s got her head on the chopping block. Enlisting Ric’s help with a patient, Elizabeth makes a desperate attempt to impress her new boss. But when the first redundancy is made, it’s not Elizabeth who is given her P45, it’s cheerful nurse Nicky who is hanging up his scrubs.

Also this week, Elliot is shocked discover that Connie hasn’t been fighting the redundancies, and Michael isn’t happy with life on the AAU ward.

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