Who gets the sack – Elliot or Ric?

The axe prepares to strike again at Holby, as hospital boss Henrik Hanssen declares his intention to make a redundancy from the team of consultants. Hoping to cut management costs, Director of Surgery Henrik declares to CEO Mark Williams that either Ric Griffin or Elliot Hope must be culled. But which consultant will find their head on the chopping block?

Both surgeons have negative factors working against them. Ric has returned to work early despite his ongoing battle with colon cancer, while Elliot has been forced to take a ‘stress test’ to assess how he’s coping in his high-pressure role.

Mark attempts to keep Hanssen from making any big decisions, arguing that both Ric and Elliot are valuable assets to the hospital, but events conspire to shift favour against Elliot. In his own inimitable style, Elliot ruffles management feathers when he tampers with paperwork in order to help a needy patient hop up a surgical waiting list. Angered by Elliot’s unethical actions, Mark confronts the surgeon in the operating theatre, warning him that he will have to report him to Hanssen. Has Elliot just signed his own death warrant?

Also this week, Donna tells Kieran she can’t be in a relationship with him while he’s away at war; Chrissie learns that her dad Mark saved her job.