Phil agrees to let Peggy hold a small engagement party for Sam after Ritchie arranges Sam’s flight back to Rio with Ricky. Bianca is gutted that Ricky is planning to leave with Sam and she tells him that the kids need their dad. Bianca is tempted to call the police on Sam but Pat warns her not to grass up a Mitchell.

Bianca and the kids crash Sam and Ricky’s engagement party and Bianca fights with Sam. Archie arrives and Phil chucks him out. Jay calls Sam a fake and she is nasty to him. Ronnie is angry when she sees Joel comforting Sam after Jay’s comments. The police arrive for Sam – but who made the call? Ricky and Sam escape and take a car from the Arches but the car runs out of petrol. Sam runs to the tube but is caught…

Chelsea buys herself a real designer bag but a mugger steals it from her. Ryan finds the bag but her purse is missing. Later, Janine discovers a wad of cash in the flat and realises that Ryan was the mugger. Janine strips and lies down, covered in the money and seductively invites Ryan to get the money back from her.

Also, Adam confronts Minty about the note from Sam.

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