Unbeknownst to Chris, someone is watching him at the garage. Homophobic customer, Warren, returns to cause trouble but Chris stands up to him. However, that afternoon Chris takes a beating from a mystery attacker. Could his stance, and his sexuality, cost him his life?

Following her revelation about her affair with Mal, Jade tries desperately to talk to Kyle but he’s still fuming and isn’t interested in what she has to say, even when she tries to tell him she loves him. Jade’s devastated that Kyle won’t let her explain and when Sonya learns of her affair with Malcolm, things get worse, when Sonya hits the roof.

Feeling helpless and ashamed, Jade considers leaving Erinsborough. Discovering this, Malcolm tries to convince her not to leave but when he fails, he appeals to Sonya to try before it’s too late. Not wanting to lose her sister, Sonya does, pushing Jade to tell Kyle how she really feels about him.

Desperate to get his tattoo removed before Paul discovers it, Andrew tries to convince Chris to re-start their used-car scheme. However, when Chris refuses, Andrew is forced to consider other options – including accepting an offer to buy his car. But will Paul find out before Andrew can get rid of his embarrassing car?