Last week cancer patient Megan begged Charlie to help end her suffering, so be prepared for tears this week when Charlie prepares to fulfil his promise to his dearest friend.

The clock’s ticking until 6pm – the time Charlie has agreed to give Megan (Brenda Fricker) a fatal dose of painkillers.

Tess guesses what’s going on, however, when she discovers the stash of painkillers Charlie has stolen and begs them both to reconsider. Charlie, Tess and Megan’s care worker Lily then come together to give Megan a night to remember and organise a fun Vegas themed evening as it’s somewhere the dying nurse has always wanted to go. But once her friends leave her alone, Megan again attempts to take her own life as she’s secretly learned that the cancer has spread to her brain.

The following morning, Lily finds her before it’s too late, but what follows is a harrowing story in which Tess and Charlie wrestle with their consciences about the most humane course of action.

By the end of the episode the dying nurse does take her final breath under the care of Charlie and Tess, but she administers the fatal dose herself.