Who hit Liam?

Charlie convinces Bianca to come away for the night to a secluded cabin. When they reach the cabin, Bianca is suspicious of her motives. Heath and Brax decide to join them. When Brax turns up with Heath, the couples pair off. Charlie admits to Brax that she’s scared of her role in stealing the evidence. Bianca, meanwhile, succumbs to Heath’s charms. On their return home, things take a dramatic turn when Brax and Charlie crash into Liam on his motorbike.

Irene is back at work for the first time. She thinks she’s recovered, but when she collapses from a dizzy spell in the Diner, it’s painfully clear she isn’t ready to pick up her life just yet.

Sasha and Stu are still loved up… until she shows him the tattoo of his drawing. He’s horrified and slaps her across the face. When Sid walks into their argument, he pulls Sasha aside and tries to comfort her. He suggests they go out for dinner, for a bit of father/daughter time. But Sid then fails to show up for their meal at the Diner. Stu turns up instead and apologies to Sasha – but will she forgive him for hitting her a second time?