Toadie’s shocked to discover Brennan has received another anonymous letter regarding Sonya’s past, and decides it’s time to tell Sonya. She’s shocked but has no idea who might be responsible. Sonya’s fears intensify as Halloween night arrives, and she cancels her plans to go out trick or treating with Nell, feeling safer at home.

Susan’s continuing her counselling sessions with Nate, but another war story leaves her feeling so unnerved she needs to go and speak to her own counsellor about it. Karl’s appalled, and tells Susan that Nate should be seeking professional help. Susan begs Karl not to say anything, but Karl defies her wishes. Nate is horrified to learn the truth and fires her.

Chris bites the bullet and tells Nate very bluntly that he wants to be seen as a boyfriend, not a patient. Later, Chris is waiting at home for Nate, hoping things will finally start to get amorous, when a flickering light causes Chris to have a seizure.