It’s Halloween, and Lauren is freaked out when she thinks she’s being followed on the way to Ronnie and Charlie’s engagement party. Returning home, Lauren frustrates Abi who has a night planned with Ben. Abi’s evening is ruined when Ben falls out with her, so the girls are left alone together. When Emma arrives, she encourages Lauren to return to the party at the Vic. Outside, Lauren is sure that someone is following her. She turns round to see a spooky figure in a weeping angel mask, but it turns out to be Abi. Meanwhile, Emma calls Bryant and tells him to stop following Lauren.

Ronnie and Charlie have booked the Vic for their engagement party, and the Carters deck it out with a Halloween theme. Phil offers Charlie an olive branch. When Dot does a sudden disappearing act, Charlie is worried, learning from Sharon that Dot think she’s seen Nick’s ghost. Phil takes Charlie and Ronnie aside and confesses that the bag of ‘money’ he gave them was full of paper.

Finding Dot at home, Charlie is stuck for words when Dot asks if Nick is still alive. Realising he can’t lie to his grandma anymore, Charlie confesses that Nick is alive and well. An upset Dot demands to speak to Nick. Charlie heads off to find Nick and while he’s out Nick turns up, greeting Dot with his familiar ”Ello Ma’…