Who is Greg’s mysterious friend?

Greg is forced to relive his troubled past, when an old friend stumbles into Holby needing his help. The registrar is shocked to see his childhood pal Andy (played by former Hollyoaks’ actor Glenn Wallace) at the hospital. Andy needs surgery for a heart condition but Greg seems desperate to avoid his friend, even trying to have him transferred to another hospital.

Greg leaves Sahira to treat Andy, who plays nervously with an old World Cup’86 key ring. Eventually, Andy catches up with Greg, saying he wants answers – but Greg doesn’t want to talk. Greg’s unusual behaviour concerns Sahira, who wants to know why he’s so keen to get rid of his friend. But it seems Greg isn’t ready to open up about this secret they share…

Meanwhile, Chrissie is frustrated with Dan organising her life and tells him to back off when he accuses her of letting their personal differences cloud her professional judgement. But when Dan is forced to attempt a dangerous procedure on a patient, can Chrissie put her feelings aside and stand by her man?

Also, Michael arrives on AAU and is immediately drawn to Lulu, unaware she’s Sir Fraser’s daughter. Will he be able to resist Lulu even when he learns who her father is?

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