Elle ignores Paul’s advice to sell the garage to solve her financial woes and puts Harold’s Store on the market instead. She gets a good offer from Apollo’s, a multi-national chain of coffee houses. When an eavesdropping Lyn deliberately feeds the news to Kate, Elle’s outraged employee organises a community-wide protest at what this will mean.

Also, Toadie makes a passionate speech urging Elle to protect Harold’s legacy. Even Rebecca joins the protest, standing defiant against Elle and Paul. Elle is forced to concede defeat and accepts a lower offer from a private buyer. The Ramsay Street residents rejoice… until the private buyer reveals herself.

Concerned when obsessed teenage fan Robin turns up on his doorstep, Karl gets tough and lays down some personal boundaries. Susan doesn’t think Robin is a bad kid, she just thinks he’s desperately lonely. Uncomfortable when Robin turns up to the Harold’s Store protest the next day, Karl encourages the boy to make friends with the Ramsay kids. Harry finds Robin’s eagerness disconcerting though and wonders, is the new kid as harmless as he seems?

Toadie impresses Sonya with his dedication to preventing the sale of Harold’s and she finally decides that Toadie is a man worth taking a chance on.