Who is Holby’s new Guy?

As Serena receives news that there’s been a roof collapse, a man arrives at Holby with two patients, Becca and Ewan, who have been skewered together by a metal pole. Serena gets a shock when the man introduces himself as new CEO, Guy Self.

Serena struggles to accept Guy is Holby’s new boss and the pair clash on how best to treat Becca and Ewan. After the pair are successfully separated, Guy is forced to perform brain surgery on Becca – and he hasn’t operated in eight months!

After making himself comfortable in Serena’s office, Guy gives a speech to the hospital staff and warns that changes are coming. What are Guy’s plans for Holby?

Meanwhile, Malick’s still desperate to prove he can still cut it as a surgeon. But he soon clashes with son Jake over his refusal to admit his surgical career is over, as he continues to put patients’ lives in danger by trying to operate.

But when Jake is badly wounded following a tussle with an angry relative of a patient, Malick cracks when he’s unable to stitch up his son’s wound. Accepting his fate, Malick accepts a teaching job abroad and quits the hospital for good…

Also, Zosia is determined to prove her worth during the major incident – but does she really understand the ways of the ward on Darwin?