Who is Kat’s mystery man?

In a special extra episode this week, Kat and the boys prepare for the football team’s friendly against the Old Lions. Alfie misses a penalty and Kat’s forced to sub Alfie for Ray. The team manage a 4-3 victory and Kat invites the Lions to the Vic for a drink. Flirty Kat awards ‘Man of the Match’ to Ray and ‘Legs of the Match’ to Jack.

Kat’s pleased when Ray turns down the Lions’ manager Vivienne’s attempt to poach him and there’s a spark between them. Kat is flattered when Derek throws Vivienne out of the Vic when she’s rude about Kat. After more flirting with an appreciative Max, Kat spends time with Michael, who is grateful for her support over his baby. When a drunk Alfie crashes out, Kat returns to the bar for more fun with the boys and betrays Alfie by sleeping with one of them…

Lola and Jay sneak into the locked-up Vic after Alfie drops his keys. Lola and Jay have to do a runner to the barrel store when Tracey arrives to open up. When the footie team pile in, Jay and Lola manage to slip out unnoticed. Lola returns home in the nick of time for her curfew, but then quickly runs outside again to kiss a surprised Jay!