Lauren and Lucy head back to the Brannings’ after leaving Sharon’s bar, followed by an upset Whitney. Not keen on being there, Lucy makes an excuse to leave after upsetting Whitney and receiving a mysterious text. Meanwhile, Jake has prepared a special meal for two and anxiously awaits his guest’s arrival…

Masood realises that Jane is using him to fend off Ian after her surprise kiss. Jane is relieved when Masood plays along, while Shabnam is devastated that her plan has backfired spectacularly. Back home, Shabnam is relieved when Masood reassures her that they’re not really an item. Later, Masood confronts Jane about her actions and they kiss again – for real this time – witnessed by a horrified Shabnam.

Mick is shocked by the state of Stan’s flat and assumes there’s been a burglar. It soon turns out to be Shirley, who is planning on staying at Stan’s while Stan remains in the Vic. Mick tells Shirley he kicked Stan out of the car, but feeling bad he goes back for him. Mick finds Stan, taking him back to the Vic. Shirley and Mick are upset when Stan digs up the past.

Also, Sharon fires Johnny from the bar job.