Mrs Tembe is off today, working at the food bank. But there is an elegant black man in reception who is calmly and insistently waiting to speak to her. He’s so compelling that Karen rings Mrs Tembe to see if she will be coming in, but her efforts to find out why the man is there are frustratingly rebuffed. All he will say is his name is Thomas – and although she sends him away several times, he keeps returning. 

Thomas says he’s from Didsbury, and clearly knows Mrs Tembe well, though Karen has never heard of him. She serves him tea and biscuits, determined to weasel information out of him. But once more, she’s rebuffed. As Thomas leaves, he delivers his only message for Karen to excitedly mull over: “Just tell her that MR Tembe wants to see her.”

Also, new copper Dave is the only one who gives DI O’Neil a chance to solve the mystery of a suspicious warehouse fire which has seriously injured one of the workers there.