Mrs Tembe arrives at church in anticipation of the big day – their new vicar is making his first appearance! The church is spotless, there’s a wide selection of homemade cakes and roses to make the whole place beautiful. But Barbara feels threatened when a tramp wanders into church, so orders Mrs Tembe to go and get rid of him fearing he’ll destroy their hard work. Mrs Tembe gently tries to remove him, but the tramp is complaining about the cold, and she doesn’t have the heart to evict him. 

Mrs Tembe finds the tramp is a deeply religious man and decides he’s clearly in need of support. But when she offers him the food that’s been prepared for the vicar, this annoys Barbara, who firmly intimates it’s time for him to leave. With that, the tramp starts to undress, to the horror of all assembled, and the dog collar underneath is revealed – it’s Gordon, the new vicar! He enjoys experiencing his church from the other side of the fence and is very impressed – not least by the Christian hospitality shown by Mrs Tembe.

Emma wakes at Howard’s house, having spent the night in his spare room after running out on Sam following his shock revelation. At work, Emma’s only interested in speaking to Heston after the bombshell she got yesterday. Howard agrees to let her stay over again but is clearly mixed up as to what is going on and what this means for them, so Emma has to come clean to him that Sam wants to go to Switzerland.

Also, Daniel must find a way to convince a pushy showbiz mother that her over-manicuring of her seven-year-old daughter is threatening her health.