Who is Paul’s mysterious admirer?

Naomi is feeling the thrill of her affair with Josh diminishing and pulls back. But as one love affair appears to be on its way out, another one looks like beginning when a mysterious woman approaches Paul, kissing him hard and slapping him, before leaving him spinning.

Sheila tells Naomi she’s decided to take things to the next level with Alan. Naomi searches for dirt on Alan, and is horrified to discover he still has active profiles on several dating sites – for men. Alan comes clean with Sheila, who asks him to leave. When she learns Naomi was behind Alan’s confession, Sheila is incensed, but Paul explains Naomi’s actions were an act of love. Sheila goes to apologise to Naomi, only to find her with a naked Josh… she hasn’t changed at all.

With the school presentation underway, Karl blitzes through the courtyard with the correct box and Susan is relieved when her manages to exchange the boxes in the nick of time. Later, Lou finds out the truth about what’s in the box and knows he has the leverage to make Karl write a novel based on ‘The Book of Secrets’ story.